Children of tomorrow

From David


Over twenty years ago I organised three concerts in Oslo:

Two under the banner Children of tomorrow (Joint-project Red Cross and Anti-Racist Centre), and one: Here we are - new friends (At the Oslo Concert House, for: Red Cross, Norwegian Church Help and Save the Children).


One aspect we tried to highlight was: the plight of children of parents seeking asylum in Norway. Children who had lost one or even more years of schooling.



In 2015 an earthquakes of devastating proportions struck Nepal - houses, roads, schools etc collapsed.  The world rallied to Nepal , and our little organisation, Mountain People together with friends, raised over $100,000,- in cash, plus the same in materials and services. See: Yet, we only scratched the surface.


One badly hit project

Mountain People partnering with Beni Handicrafts to establish Steps Foundation Nepal: 'Education, hygiene and health' - for all our and Beni Handicrafts recourses were expended in immediate and physical re-build assistance. The Handicraft shops were destroyed, stock damaged and lost, followed by total loss of sales - and no employment for the staff. There were two options: give up, or start up again. The latter was chosen. In the days after the earthquake Beni Handicrafts, the business, received $15.000.-  as payment from IVAR in Stavanger, for products bought in 2014. Beni, the owner, simply sent the whole sum to Tipling, her village, and a school was built within six weeks. She told no one.

To my later asking: "WHY did you give the money away?"

My thinking being: it was desperately  needed to re-build the business that was now in debt, with no income, and no work for the women.

Her reply: "If we don’t a whole generation in the village will miss their education!"

This brought back memories, long forgotten: Children of tomorrow!


Her action emphasised that: Education is the foundation of any society, and children the building bricks of any nation.

As time passed a realisation that she and many others have virtually sacrificed 'everything' for this one purpose: to help rebuild the country - especially their home village.


Beni, Gomba, Lou and xxx have worked day and night for others. To the degree they can not afford schooling for their own children. Margi, xxx, Kine H, Lena B. Ragnar L and I have part sponsored in the past – but there is no continuity, no security.


In response

Children of tomorrow is conceived as a private initiative,  with intent to put 6 children through school, from now until they reach the age of 18 - as well as offering the opportunity to people to sponsor an individual child: One-to-one.


Our model is simple

We need 'Aunts and Uncles' to either give a single donation, and/or regular automatic payments.


We need to cover

Admission fees, monthly school fees, residential costs where they board, uniforms and basic costs. Those who helped earlier are ‘automatic’ Aunts and Uncles, and who we do not ask them to contribute further.

You who have been 'linked' to this are invited to be part of a ‘special family.’


Your reward

To observe 6 children raise from the ashes of the earthquake, as you help to reduce the pressure on parent and family, allowing for a better life, and so the parents may continue to help others.


In return you receive a simple report at the end of each year:

Or help a specific child who you know or who we seek on your behalf. Here a little more direct contact may evolve.

That's it, nothing more.


Operational mode

No costs for administration - everything is voluntary.


Not everyone can contribute

Many of you have your own projects or contribute to others - you were contacted because 'one of us' knows you!


However, you may know some one who this mini-project might appeal to, or perhaps you know of an organisation that could consider supporting.


Children of tomorrow

Bank Norway: 1208.69.09128

PayPal: Via Mountain People. Please note: "Children of tomorrow"



Best regards,

Uncle David, Uncle Ragnar and Auntie Else

© 2016