Children of tomorrow

Sponsor a child


Become an 'Uncle or Auntie' and join Children of tomorrow.


You can sponsor The Group or one child: see One-to-one


Finance is the same for both:

A. The Fund: Back-up fund, to ensure the continuance of any commitment's undertaken.

B. The Operation Fund: Main fund used to pay for school registration, monthly fees, clothing, books etc.


Way forward:

A. The Fund: Donate a 'healthy sum' - you decide sum, to help ensure security and cover future commitments.

B. The Operation Fund: Commit to a yearly or monthly payment, you decide sum.


Our Norwegian bank is a high interest account, and the same for both funds.

Paypal - we lose 3% but it is safe. Will be transferred to main account every 6 months.


Ragnar, Else and David have donated $1,200 each to establish The Fund but all sums are welcome.

They too contribute modestly and monthly to The Operation Fund.


Please contact David if you have questions, or decide to join so he can make up a register of 'Uncles and Aunts.'

All you get is a short yearly report - that's it folks!


Children of tomorrow

Bank Norway: 1208.69.09128

PayPal: Via Mountain People. Please note: "Children of tomorrow"


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